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So this is my first wiki. And this is my own AU That i made. So yeah enjoy. Also i made stuff like escapeswap and stuff so yeah enjoy dat also

About EscapetaleEdit

Escapetale is my own AU That i made and heres the story. Once upon a terrible time. Two races ruled the world Monsters and humans, One day war broke out between the races, The war went on for weeks, The monsters were losing They lost many members, The wizards sealed the monsters underground with a spell, with no escape and hurt alies they all suffered, Alot of years later... MT. Sufferbott 2004 Legends say those who climb the mountain never return,

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Escape!Sans
    edited by EpicnessOfDucks diff
  • new page Escape!Mettaton
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Escape!Mettaton is mettaton without a robot body and she is just a ghost who is pink with hair covering her eye but she is sad alot like...
  • new page Escape!Gaster
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Escape!Gaster or Dr. Gaster is the royal scientist who works for asgore he secretly hates asgore because he hurt his son papyrus, Escape!Gaster looks...
  • new page Scrape!Sans
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Scrape!Sans or EscapeInk!Sans is an AU Destroyer and hates ink and error he also hates cross and almost everyone. in the past now of how he became an...
  • new page Escape!Toriel
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Escape!Toriel is very kind to humans and Escape!Flowey, She trusts alot of people and her left eye has a scar on it and theres a tiny bit of blood...
  • new page Escapeswap!Papyrus
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Escapeswap!Papyrus Is lazy and mostly sleeps for about like half the day, He doesnt trust humans and he is annoyed at his brother alot, He also has a...
  • edit Escapetale Wiki
    edited by EpicnessOfDucks diff
    Summary: Welcome to the Escapetale Wiki:
  • new page Escapeswap!Sans
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Escapeswap!Sans is just like normal underswap sans but more gloomy and angry at his brother alot, he makes tacos and he's good at making tacos,...
  • new page Escape!Flowey
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: When Escape!Flowey first meets you he looks like normal flowey all healthy and stuff but hes also very nice to you and will help you along your...
  • new page Escape!Alphys
    created by EpicnessOfDucks
    New page: Escape!Alphys is the new leader of the royal guard now since she has been put through 2 years of training, She will kill humans if commanded if not....

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